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Fender Precision 4 string bass
Private collection.
Photography: Jon Shishido.

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Builder: Fender
Model: Precision bass, 1962.
Serial Number: not disclosed.
Case/Gigbag: original Fender hardshell case.

Weight: 8.5 pounds.
Scale Length: inches.
Neck Shape: oval.
Width at Nut: 1 5/8 inches.
String Width at Bridge: 2 1/2 inches.
Overall Length: 46 inches.
Widest: 13 inches.

Neck: one-piece flatsawn maple, after 40 plus years still straight as an arrow.
Fingerboard: rosewood with clay dots.
Body: it's alder under there.
Finish: salmon pink - yikes! (it's a lot prettier in person)

Bridge: original cheap stamped Fender bridge.
Tuners: Fender, fairly tarnished.
Strap buttons: original Fender buttons, also tarnished.
Outputs: one 1/4" mono.

Pickup: one Fender "split P" type under a chrome cover.
Controls: volume and tone.
Preamp: none.


     This bass was refinished in 2003 in salmon pink by Pat Wilkins but is otherwise all original. If you look closely you can see that the pickguard has experienced some shrinkage and therefore the fastening screws no longer line up perfectly with the holes in the pickguard. The bass is fairly lightweight and extremely resonant - the whole bass vibrates like crazy when you play on it, almost as if it has some kind of mechanical vibrating machine inside it! And how does it sound? Huge, fat, and open with a fast, percussive attack - this is the classic Fender bass sound and it rules.

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